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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 17, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some british scientists are claiming a major medical breakthrough with two of the deadliest cancers. a serial rapist being blamed for attacks spanning awe decade. police say he may be living here in our area. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. here is tony with a check on your weather. >> the temperatures in the 20s n some spots, it feels like the
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teens. you got to bundle up. this is the pattern will be in for several days at least. here is your look at the satellite-radar. we've got mostly clear skies out there. hence the cold temperatures. we do have some cloud cover across central and southern virginia but that is going to pretty much remain to the south. some of that will be tracking east but that is not going to really move in here during the daytime hours. we'll see mostly sunny skies today and dry conditions. current temperatures at the area airports, check it out. 28-degree at reagan national airport. 26 at dulles. 24 at bwi marshall. will it warm up? a little bit. we won't dwoat to our normal high. we'll top out around 40 degrees. some of you will top out in the upper 60s -- sorry, upper 30s but it will be mostly sunny and cool and a little bit breezy. >> that might have been wishful
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thinking on your part. >> let's check in with julie wright now with a look at traffic. >> we do have the lane open as you travel along the bottom side of the beltway. traveling northbound 395 making your way past duke street, lanes are open continuing out towards the 14thtreet bridge and light traffic volume right now if you are working your way from college park headed in silver spring. southbound 95, 295 quiet as you work your way out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to today's top stories, a serial rapist on the loose. police say a man wanted in connection with 13 sex crimes over a 13-year period, the latest one in dale city, virginia where two girls were raped in the woods on halloween night. police say dna evidence licks the suspect to attacks in rhode
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island, connecticut. witnesses say the attacker took off on a bicycle. investigators say officer reggie jones helped plan a robbery in southeast earlier this month. during that robbery, police say arvell crawford allegedly killed his own father. jones is acussed of acting as a look out. d.c. police recovered more than $1 million in drugs, illegal guns an handed down an indictment. officers installed hidden cameras in a former auto body shop and put the word out it was interested in drugs and black market guns. each transaction was roaredded with the cameras and tape recorded. some local colleges are being investigated for admissions discrimination against women. federal civil rights commissioners voted to subpoena officials from 19 area colleges. the "washingn post" is reporting there is evidence that suggests some schools purposely admitted men at a higher rate to balance the gender mix on campus. among the disoolz in that test
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sample, georgetown and howard university. also the college of william and mary and johns hopkins. without one single republican vote, the house passed a bill aimed at putting americans back to work. it fixes public works projects with funding for state and local governments. the president says the measure offered quote, productive ideas trespond to the great need for jobs across the country. republicans said the bill has the same lousy policies though that have not produced jobs all year. the white house working behind the scenes with a member of its own party to get a critical vote on health care reform. senator ben nelson has met with president obama three times over the past week and a half. he wants tighter curbs on abortion in the bill. on the senate floor, republicans used a rare tactic to stall health care debate trying for toars a clerk to read 767 pages of a last- manhunt amendment. after three hours, they were 1 # 9 passengers into the drowment when the dreamt withdrew it. >> they have us working on one bill on the floor of the senate
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while they're developing another bill in secret so we just determined that the only would i wei to stop this is to slow it down any way we can j if there is -- was a true interest in debate and amendments on health care, it really is inconsistent to say wear just going to take a day out of the whole affair and read an amendment. >> democrats need 06 votes for that bill to pass. and now to a developing story we are following this morning the a possible breakthrough in cancer research. british scientists have cracked the genetic code of two of the most deadly cancers. the study identified all the mutations that turn healthy cells cancerous in both lung and skin tumors. research ares say the discovery will eventually lead to a simple blood test that will help with earlier detection, drug or other treatments. coming up a little bit later this hour, some of the drones used by u.s. forces war militants. find out who officials say is to blame and wait until you
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hear how they did it. coming up next here, concerns over nfl star chris henry. we'll are details on the car crash that left the bengals player fighting for his life. tiger's troubles seem to only get worse but nobody doubting his athletic ability. a new title he has learned from the associated press. we'll be right back. it's the 2 day sale at toys "r" us!
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making headlines this morning, # hundred sailors, a two-hour shootout and in the end, mexican officials say they got their man, a top drug lord, just south of mexico city. officials called it a major victory in the war on drugs. he was known as the boss of bosses. a search for two missing hikers is now fillly over. they disappeared while climbing mount hood last week. the father of one climb he were says he is at peace with the decision. he says his daughter loved the mountain so much. once the weather permits, crews will try to recover the bodies.
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there are concerns about a star nfl player. cincinnati bengals player chris henry has what police call life- threatening injuries after he fell out of the break of a pickup truck t happened during what authorities say was a domestic dispute with his fiancee in north carolina. police say the 26-year-old jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee was driving away from the home and somehow fell out of the truck. tiger woods' wife is reportedly moving out of the couple's florida home. moving truck were spot there had this week. fox news is reporting she is moving to sweden and taking her two children with her. tither has been named agent late of the decade by the associated press. more than half of the ballots were returned last month after the allegations of fairs with a dozen women. times square is getting ready to ring in the new year. all of that is coming up here on fox 5 morning news. a busy time of year to
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truck drivers hauling holiday shipments. more on a late night crackdown to keep our roads safe. >> here is a live look this morning. traffic is not looking too bad there. the sun will come up in just a little bit but it is a cold start to the day. we could see some wintry weather this weekend. we are talking snow when we come back. this is america. and this is our cheese.
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kraft singles. the american cheese. new york city getting ready to ring the new year. the seven-foot numbers are lit with led bulbs. they use just nine watts of electricity instead of the 40 watts the old bulbs used. vus itsors can hop on to the bike and provide the electricity to run the
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numbers. mrs.obama is asking that everybody consider donating toys for older children between the aimings of 11 and 14 to toys for tots. there are far fewer of those donated every yar compared to the toys donate for the little ones. it is neat that they had a toy drive at the white house. >> we think about doing toy drives in our businesses or whatever. >> they got a great number of toys. 500 toys. >> i think you kind of have to bring one for the boss. >> that is true. >> who did not brung a toy? i'm going to jump right in because we have a lot to talk about with our weather. let's start with right now. folk are getting the kids ready for school. we show a school bus but for those of you getting ready for work and heading out, here is what is happening. we'll see sunny skies later this morning. current temperatures primarily in the upper 20s. in some places, in the mid-20s. meanwhile, let me show you the
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actual temperatures. here in d.c., we remain at 28 degrees this hour. gaithersburg is 23. annapolis, 29. it is cold everywhere, folks. fredericksburg, 31 degrees there. martinsburg, 23. up in hagerstown, 24. a lot of cold air in place. here is a look at the satellite- radar for this hour. we have mostly ear skies. reagan national airport is reporting a few clouds but skies are mostly clear across the region. thickest cloud cover is down to the south across central portions of virginia. we'll see a good amount of sunshine here throughout the course of the day today. all right. everybody is talk bath weekend. is it going to snow in well, short answer, yes. it look like it will and it looks like that will be saturday, the bulk of the day saturday. this is one of our models. you will only see this here on fox 5. we call it the futurecast. this take several different models, kind of puts them together. by saturday morning at 5:00 a.m., it is snowing in the washington area with the rain- snow line it our south and east. saturday afternoon, it is still
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snowing in washington. rain in southern maryland, portions of southern maryland, richmond getting freezing rain an sleet. saturday night 10:00, still snowing in washington with that rain-snow line getting ready to push offshore by early sunday morning. am i saying this is exactly what is going to happen? no, we'll refine the model but right now, it look like we could have a sub standial snow event here in the washington area on saturday during the day. for today though, mostly sunny. cool temperatures, still breezy. 40degrees for your high. that cold air certainly in place. five-day forecast tomorrow, another cold one. upper 0s. then overnight friday into saturday, snow begins. it snows all day. the way it looks right now 67891. snow lingers into early sunday and then we are stuck with more cold air. highs only in the 30s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. >> yippee for that foecast. >> i know that doesn't make you happy.
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>> enanother kids aren't excited about that. i mean it is happening on the weekend. they still have to go to school. >> second time this year. >> i know. we say good morning to the crew in sky fox. we haven't seen them for a while because of weather and winds but they are with us today. they are checking out the ride on the top stretch of the beltway trying to work your way past georgia avenue. we do have the typical slowdown forming west of university boulevard. that is the right side of your korean there. as you continue westbound head past georgia avenue, the pace will improve by the time you make your way over towards the temple and continue out towards connecticut avenue. we'll take it back inside. southbound 270 heavy on the top side approaching and passing 109. now, delay beginning before father hurley boulevard continug out towards mva. if you are traveling in virginia, this is the live shot of northbound i-95. lane are open as you travel out owoodbridge but it remains heavy and slow headed up towards lorton. stalled car in the right lane
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northbound # 10 at -- 210 at old fort road north. a speedier commute but a lighter wallet. today, the maryland transportation authority board is set to vote on the proposed toll plan for the intercounty connector. they are expected to green light this man. 20 to 35-cent a mile depending on the time of day. that make a maximum one-way trip along the entire route $6.15. officials estimate the average drive would be about 6 one miles. that could cost up to $2.35. fedex field host awe huge tailgate but far from a party. maryland state police conducted truck inspections at the stadium late last night. they checked out big rigs but the main focus was on the drivers themselves. the national transportation safety board released its report on the northwest flight that overshot the minneapolis airport by 150 miles. it shows air traffic controllers couldn't reach flight 188 for more than an hour and that there was some confusion and poor
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communication on the ground wean air traffic controllers in minneapolis and denver and northwest dispatchers in atlanta. the pilots say they took out their laptops to work on complicated crew schedules. bottom line being proper procedures were not followed. if you have some holiday packages you need to ship, you are approaching a dd line. we have what you need to know. a big bargain available today from hundreds of on-line retailers. citigroup trying to ease the bird on some home owners facing foreclosure. that is coming up after the break in today's business beat. )
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today is the last day for regular fedex ground shipping to arrive by christmas. yesterday was the last day for ups. today is also free shipping day as nearly 700 on-line retails are are hoping shops are will take advantage of the
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second annual promotion to send their holiday profits over the top. citigroup is offering some troubled home owners a temporary break plus gas price appear to be on the decline but will it last? to talk about all of this, we want to go up to new york and fox business with chris cotter. good morning. >> yesterday, real quick, it was all about the fed. today, it is all about banks. you mentioned city and there is a lot of info to really sift through with the banks. we'll start there. you are right about the foreclosure announcement t couldn't come at a bet are time for them. they were under heavy pressure yesterday after hours. i'll get to that in a minute. first of all, the foreclosure announcement, they are suspending it until january 17th. that is 0 days. should impact 4,000 customers, 2,000 that are already in foreclosure. 2,000 that are expecting to get a foreclosure noticeor that city bank was expecting to send a foreclosure notice. so this is a bit of good cheer
6:25 am
here from city. hopefully, this will help folks out and some of those 4,000 will get back on their feet in time to avoid having their homes foreclosed upon. last night after hours renal city was under pressure down 5.5%, heavy roll yum. the government said they are not going to sell a chunk of their shares of city stock as we had originally thought they would. city, remember, now is selling new stock to help repay tarp. in conjunction with that, i think it was $5 million or maybe even more that the government was going to sell. now, they say they are not. let's see what happens with city when the opening bell rings. bank of america late last night announced they are finally going to announce a new ceo, brian moynihan. that is an internal hire. he was head of their consumer banging unit at least five candidates have reportedly turned this thing down. they finally found their man. brian moynihan is it. 50 years of age. we are expecting to get an announcement on that today.
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>> we want tond with what is going on with gas prices. they're done a little bit from where they were a couple of weeks ago but when you compare it to last year, are we really doing that much better? >> yeah, no, there is a seasonality impact here. usually, this time of year, we are at the trough and we expect to be high are in the springtime and leading up to peak driving season in the summer. we are 93 cents high are than we were last year but we are a little bit less than we were last month. keep in mind, we fell off a cliff last year at this point in time like the rest of the economy. so you have to take that into consideration. big story yesterday was oil rebounding because we actually have a decrease in sly here in the states. we haven't had much of that. we have a big decrease in heating oil, had a very cold last movement that is something to keep other than an eye on as well. gas price up a little bit more than they were lastier for sure. that doesn't bode so well for
6:27 am
late winter, early spring. >> we'll leave it there. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you. coming up income, alarming news from military forces overseas. some of the bone drones that are used by american troops in war zones were hack by militants. found out who officials say is to blame coming up next. plus a suspected serial rapist eluding police for a decade and now they think he te be living here in our area. where the last attack occurred. this fiery scene on the beltway has a happy ending thanks to a passing construc crew. we'll share that story. we'll be right back. ♪
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back now with a check of today appear top stories. women in our area are being urged to be on the lookout for i serial rapist. police in prince william, fairfax and prince george's county say dna evidence links one man to 13 sex crimes over a 13-year period. the latest was in dale city, virginia where two girl were raped in the woods on halloween night.
6:31 am
we'll have details about the suspect and the types of women he is targeting coming up in a live report. insurgents have intercepted video from u.s. drone aircraft. the "wall street journal" is reporting this has been going on for this sometime thanks to $26 software the militants downloaded from the internet. military officials confirmed that files found contained pirated drone video feeds. the military is now equipping the drone system with encryption devices. >> wow! $26 software. >> >> crazy. >> it is 28 degrees in the district. relative humidity, 41%. your winds are out of in the northwest at 14 miles per hour. look at the satellite-radar. we'll show you we've got mostly clear skies across the washington area. there is cloud cover down to the south and to the north and
6:32 am
to the west but for the most part, we will see mostly sunny skies today. forecast for today, sunshine, but still cool. our normal high for this day is 46 degrees. we won't get there. 40 will just about to it in washington. 38 in manappolis -- i was going to say manassas and then thinking i would say annapolis. i inned of lik that. >> that would -- i kind of like that. >> that would be. >> coming up in 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guy. roger, if you're watching, yeah, we'll answer your question and i'm explain my tone in just a minute. >> a little testy. let's check in with julie wright. >> well, i'm not sure if that
6:33 am
is on my map, tony but i'll work on that. the crew in sky fox checking out the ride on the top stretch of the beltway. for those continuing past connecticut avenue, you will find that the lanes are open as you continue around towards the exit for 270. just a few moments ago, they showed you the top side that was slow. as you continue around past connecticut avenue, you will find at that time lanes are open. now, we're waking up this morning, more people out and about on the streets. they are telling us about icy patches. we have icy patches reported on the outer loop of the beltway to exit at 123 in tyson. icy conditions reported st. barnabas road and silver hill road and we had the crash 210 at old fort road north. be careful out on the roads. watch those elevated passages. they tend to freeze before anybody else. we'll update where you are ride south on 270 where lanes are open leaving germantown headed out towards the split. you will find in virginia, the lanes are open along 95 leaving woodbridge headed in towards lorton. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. womb in the d.c. area are being warned about a serial
6:34 am
rapist linked tie number of attacks along the east coast. >> the man has attacked over a dozen times over as many years. eleven of those attacks happened in maryland and virginia. sherry ly is following this story. >> reporter: as you pointed out, this serial rapist seems to be focusing on the washington area for his attacks. his dna has also been connected to attacks in connecticut as well as rhode island but it is the concentration of crimes in this area that leads investigators to believe he is living somewhere right here. the first known attack was in february 1997 here along marlboro pike in forestville. a 25-year-old woman walked home raped at gunpoint. the most recent case was on halloween night here in dale city. three teenaged girls out trick or treating were approached by a man with a gun. police say he raped two of the
6:35 am
girls in the woods off dale boulevard. >> the offender has targeted black, hispanic and white females would range in age from teenagers to 40 years old or in their 40s. >> reporter: police officials from prince william, fairfax and prince george's county provideed a detailed and disturbing time line saying dna evidence linked one man to 13 sex crimes over a 13-year period. >> this suspect has been violent since 1997, period. he useed a handgun in 1997 in prince george's county. he useed a knife on two owe indications an -- and he used physical force on another. >> here is a map showing you the dates and locations of all 11 washington area crimes now tied to the serial rapist. a total of four in fairfax count you, five in prince george's and one each in dale city and leesburg targeting women on the street and in their homes. he is said to be in his late 30s or early 40s.
6:36 am
>> police in new haven, connecticut have lipped the suspect to aian 2007 rape case be a woman attacked inside her home and he left dna evidence in cranston, rhode island, a peeping tom incident in 2006. investigators are n sure why the rapist was enactive from 2001 to 2006. >> any number of reasons the person could have been out of current are yu, could have been incarcerated some place. we all know lots of theories. i don't want to lock on any one of those. >> reporter: police say the me line provide key information about where this serial rapist lived and when. police also say that he suspect was seen escaping on a bicycle from several of the attacks. investigators say these are two key pieces of evidence they hope will help crack this case. >> thank you. we have new details about the legal troubles for a d.c. police officer facing a felony murder charge. officer reggie jones had his first court appearance
6:37 am
yesterday where the judge ordered him held without bond. he is accused of playing a roll in a robbery that led to the death of arvell alston. according to reports, he drove along fourth treat to clear the path so alston and his son could rob their drive drug dealers. but alston send up being shot and killed in the process by his son. family members say they don't believe that story. >> you don't accidentally kill your father. it is not accidental. and it leave him to die, if it was accidental, you would call for help, stay there with him. >> officer joneand the alleged gunman are both charged in the murder. joan is due back in court next month. there was a firey crash on the beltway that we showed you here on fox 5, a woman trapped in a burning car. but this story has a happy ending. a crew of construction workers is being hailed as heroes this morning. karen gray houston picks up the story. >> reporter: this is the scene our heroes encountered, burning
6:38 am
car that had been struck from behind by an 18-wheeler on the outer loop of the beltway between route one and i-95. >> we saw a car coming across the road that was on fire. >> reporter: it was morning rush hour. a construction crew we caught up with later on their job in maryland was driving by and jumped into action. >> i ran over there, tried to pry the doors open. nothing was happening. so i told my boss, john brown torque bet the fire extinguisher. >> i jump out with the fire extinguisher tried to put out the gas fire which it was the gas tank which it wasn't going out. >> before firefighters could arrive to help out, they acted. >> i just ripped it open and jumped into. >> all this time was the woman in the car saying anything? >> she was screaming get me out of here. >> reporter: the construction crew was on their way to work at a road in carroll county. they block off traffic and then rushed to the rescue.
6:39 am
>> i guess more adrenaline than anything once we seen the fire and realized that somebody was in there. the only thick we could think of was to get her out. >> i would hope somebody would do it for me or one of my family members. >> vanessa lanir etch sts is going to survive and she has these guys to thank. >> really unbelievable that the driver of that tractor-trailer wasn't hurt but the investigate investigation into this accident is continuing. an update on a better custody battle. a court in brazill hands down its ruling on sean goldman, a bath boy whose father has been trying to get him back in the u.s. for the past five years. the newest canada is -- casino is now open. we'll have more on that. last year, when you bought a new subaru
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making headlines this morning, a stalemate at the u.n. conference on climate change in denmark. secretary of state hillary clinton has been called in to smooth over some differences. she announced that the united states is prepared to jointly raise $100 billion in yearly climate financing for poor countries by 020. a federal court in brazill has ruled in favor of a new jersey man involved in a five and a half year long international custody battle. david goldman is going to pick up his 9-year-old son in brazil this week. he has been trying to get the boy back since his wife took him to the native country in 2004 and later died. court ruled the boy belongs in new jersey under an international treating govern cross border child abductions.
6:44 am
officials are certainly the ruling will be appealed and goldman might not get his son until next year. the fireworks blasted off the roof of aria, a complex in the new city center. the project reportedly created 12,000 jobs and is being called the largest single employment opportunity in the united states. we want to send it over to steve in studio b now. >> thank you so much. a lot of charities are struggling during the holidays. folk tornado to be more generous but we know this rear has been rougher than most we are spotlighting a different charity in the d.c. ar to try to get them some help, some exposure and hopefully, you will do just th. ware joined by not one, not two but three special guests with us this morning. we are joined by joyce taylor along with mary who is waving right there and also lizzie is with us as well. >> thank you for coming in. >> you are with montgomery county right? >> we are. the arc is a network of
6:45 am
national organizes. there is the arc of the u.s. and within the arc, we have 780 networks across the country. >> tell us a little bit about how you are able to help people out. >> we support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. inly what we do is to empower them to live, learn, work and play in their communities with dignity and freedom. >> list lisy is with us. lizzie with is us. >> how old are you? >> seven years old. >> she also participates in a lot of the social recreational programs. >> and mary you take it a step farther. you are actually doing some work, aren't you? >> yes. >> tell us a little bit about what you do. >> i work at a thrift store as a volunteer and that is how i help at the arc office.
6:46 am
>> okay. and it has been good for you so far? >> yes. i love it. >> how many people are you able to help? >> the arc of montgomery county supports around 1500 people every day. and we start at six week. infants as young as sick week until the end of life and our oldest person is 88 years old. >> the most important thing this time year is to try to get some help from folks out there and in the charitable spirit. what is the easiest way for folk to help out your organization and how can they do so and in what way. >> we are always looking for good volunteers. we have such a range of people that folks can come in and work with. however, we have a lot of administrative and clerical type of jobs, projects. so volunteers are always needed. and of course, monetary donations. >> of course. web site that people can reach out to . >> while lizzie puts that up on
6:47 am
the tree, you know you found your favorite spot earlier. we'll let you nut putt that on there. we'll put a link on the web site that will link you to the web site of the ark of montgomery county. you can find out more information there on >> lizzie, mary and thank you for coming in. >> we are a little tight on time. >> we'll see what we can do. you can say hi to everybody out there. >> beverly, mom, dad, my family. >> happy holidays to everybody. thank you all for coming in. happy holidays to you. back to you. >> thank you. >> i like that. i want to he the speech. >> i know. hey, we've got -- it is cold outside and there is a beautiful shot right now from sky fox. the mormon temple there. they always do such a beautiful
6:48 am
job with that with their display. it is nippy out there. >> it is cold. we have temperatures in the 20s. right now, 28 degrees in the district and 26 degrees out at dulles airport. manassas at 25 degrees. cold everywhere, folks. no surprises here. 28degrees. you have bundle up before youhood out. here is a look at the satellite- radar if us. we've got mostly clear skies here in our region. can you see there are clouds up to the north. more of that lake effect snow. our next weather maker all the way down here in texas and along the gulf coast, an area of low pressure bringing rain to that portion of the country. gradually, that will make its way across the southeast out into the atlantic ocean. it will become a coastal stm, make its way up here an in all likelihood bring some snow to our region by saturday. here is the futurecast. this is a model run and again, this is what could happen friday into saturday t starts this morning, 6:00, nothing going on. and then by early saturday morning, we get some snow
6:49 am
developing across the area. the rain-snow line according to this model stays south and east of the district which means rain -- sorry snow in the washington area. rain in southern maryland. richmond, points south and east of there, but snow for us saturday afternoon. still snowing. in essence, this look like an all-day event on saturday into very early sunday morning. you selate at night saturday it is still snowing. sunday at 6:00 a.m., it is still snowing as well. if that happens, this would be a significant snowstorm accumulating snow, particularly all day saturday. that is what we're focused on now. we'll refine this as we go along. forecast for today, mostly sunny, still cool. we'll only get to about 40 degrees. take a look at the five-day forecast for tomorrow. 38. the clouds begin to build in. snow could start as early as late friday night, overnight friday into saturday. saturday looks to be snowy day in early sunday. frankly, if this pans out the way it could, the retailers are not going to be thrilled with
6:50 am
this. this is the last weekend before christmas. so we'll have to see how it goes. we work our way into the next workweek with temperatures into the 30s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. time now for ask the weather guy! yes, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- reated or otherwise. today's question is from roger in kensington. let me tell you. here what is roger writes and he sent this about a month ago. >> okay. >> the winter solstice also known as the shortest day of the year occurs on or about december 21st. why then is the earliest sunset on or about december 13th and the latest sunrise around january 10th. now, we get a lot of questions. roger sent this about a month ago. a week ago, he september this follow-up. so, are you going to we are this on ask the weather guy or not? well, it take us some time, roger to get to some of the
6:51 am
questions. >> my question to you earlier wa why are you giving this fellow attitude. >> he took an attitude. >> all right. >> no, kidding, roger. we're answering it today. >> do you split the difference? >> not really. winter solstice is december 21st. it is the shortest day of year. it is the least amount of daylight we have of any day during the course of the year. this year, december 21st, the sun rises at 7:23. it sets at 4:50. that is nine hours and 26 seconds -- >> nine hours, 26 minutes and 2 # seconds. >> well! >> tucker should answer this question. >> we have to get it right for roger. >> you might get a follow-up. >> exactly. >> roger, you are correct about sunset. the latest -- or the earliest sunset this year is on december 1st and several days after
6:52 am
that. >> okay. >> sunset will be at 4:46. however, the latest sunrise will object january 10th of next year. both of those days we have nine hours and 38 minutes of daylight. the issue is the orght's orbit. -- earth's orbit and we are not in a circle. the sunrise sundasunset times shift every day during the court of the year. it just so happens that even though the sunrise may be earlier at some point, the sunset changes as well so am i making any sentence. >> kind of. >> just trust me. the solstice is the shortest day of the year. it is correct. that is correct. the times shift on other days. i'm confusing myself. >> i think you are making sense. just because it also starts earlier. it doesn't mean it ends -- >> that's right.
6:53 am
>> and you should mention, i think you did, but first day of winter, other than though it may be wintry before that, is monday at 12 -- what did we desnide. >> we didn't decide but winter begins at 1:47 monday afternoon. thank you, roger. we hope you are satisfied. i'm sure we'll hear from you. there is a lovely shot of the sunrise. so you think you can dance? >> no, you're in the supposed to receipted that. >> this is the al. tuck -- >> if you are traveling south along 270, we are checking for crash reported in the main line before you reach shady grove road. have a slowdown here as you travel out of rockville. 3959 northbou, not only do we slow in the main line but check out the hovs.
6:54 am
very slow as you travel north of the washington boulevard headed up to the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. coming up next, holly is live way special christmas performance happening in northern virginia. >> an inside look at the tale of two santas show when we come back. (dial-up mupem)
6:55 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and if you're looking for a way to get into the christmas spirit this weekend, i have the perfect idea as we are live this morning at the northern virginia community college annandale campus where encore is getting an early morning practice is for their 14th annual christmas show. no reason for you to go to broadway. broadway comes to you right here. this is a company made up of 18
6:58 am
to 9 years old and their pin ash denies their age. every year they do an original show. and we'll show it off for you. give you a taste of the season. we'll show you some acts and talk with the choreographer and the director. and as always, they'll invite me to be a part of the show and i'll become an elf myself. gurvir. >> thanks, holly. that will do it for the 6:00 hour. time to say good morning to allison who is joining steve. >> good morning, gurvir and thank you very much. temperatures taking a nosedive and some snow could
6:59 am
fall. and a massive manhunt for a serial rapist. the latest on a father trying to bring his son home from brazil. fox 5 morning news starts right now. look outside. a beautiful sunrise on this thursday morning. it is cold out there this morning. pretty skies but cold temperatures. 28 degrees at reagan national right now. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we're happy you're joining us on this thursday morning. let's check in with tony perkins and see our cold start. >> it is cold. with a high only around 40 degrees. we'll start with the bus stop forecast as you're getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school. we'll have sunny skies as the sun is coming up already. temperatures in the upper 20s. that's about it. unrise 7:21 this morning. current temperatures around the


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